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Eighth grade students who qualify for IB will receive Eligibility Letters from their counselors, which contain a PIN number that students will use to register for information sessions and apply to schools online. Clemente is using a cut score of 440 this year, and we invite all interested students who exceed that score to attend an information session. We are unable to offer spots to students who do not attend an information session, so please make sure you show up! When applying online, families may select an information session at any IB school, but we encourage you to choose one at Clemente so that you can tour the facilities and meet some faculty members afterward. 

The application and session-scheduling process opens October 1 at 9 a.m. at:

Eighth grade students who are enrolled in a private, parochial or elementary school outside of Chicago can take the NWEA test to determine eligibility, free of charge. For more details, please visit:

The Honors Pre-Diploma Pathway is an intensive course of preparation for the IB Diploma Programme. Because of the rigor associated with this pathway, and the limited seats in this program, neighborhood students must apply as well as non-neighborhood students.

Deadline: December 9th 2016

Second-Round applications will be accepted soon.


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