Chance the Rapper and CPS Give Clemente Free Bulls Playoff Tickets

On Sunday, April 23rd, thirty Clemente students and staff attended the Chicago Bulls playoff game against the Boston Celtics. The tickets were completely free, compliments of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) alumnus and musician, Chance the Rapper in partnership with CPS. This is the second gift that Chance has given to Clemente; earlier in the year, he presented a $10,000 check to the school.

Many of the students who attended the game were student-athletes from the girls and boys basketball and volleyball teams, and the wrestling team. Clemente coaches from all sports, as well as other support staff throughout the school, were able to watch live from the stands as the Bulls faced off against the Celtics. While the game started out close, the Celtics were able to pull away in the end and defeat the Bulls. This was the second time in the 2016-2017 season that Clemente has sent student athletes to a Bulls game. However, a few students mentioned how this was their very first time attending a game in their life. Junior and varsity boys basketball player, Charvale Bass said, “Even though the Bulls didn’t win, it was a great experience being able to go to the game. I know not every school gets an opportunity like this. I had a fun time!”

While the game was the highlight of the evening, several students arrived early and were able to hang out in the United Center’s new atrium. Many of them played games and won prizes before the game. Students also took pictures at the Jordan statue, grabbed free t-shirts, and met with former Chicago Bulls Champion and current radio announcer, Bill Wennington. In attendance were former Chicago Bulls Ben Gordon, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Derrick Rose. Chance the Rapper who bought hundreds of tickets for Chicago Public School students was in attendance as well.  It was a fun night for everyone!