CTE: Allied Health

Allied Health is the newest 3-year CTE (Career and Technical Education) program at Roberto Clemente Community Academy. Students may elect to take this sequence toward the end of their freshman year. They then participate in an introductory course during sophomore year, and learn more advanced skills in double-period classes during their junior and senior years.

Allied Health aims to introduce students to the Health Sciences through an organic and holistic approach. Students will learn about medical terminology integrated with Anatomy and Physiology and a body systems framework. Students in the program learn to apply their knowledge in helping people to prevent diseases, diagnosing patients, and rehabilitating people of all ages.

Roberto Clemente currently has partnerships with Norwegian American Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital; our students will have the opportunity to intern at these two hospitals and shadow doctors in the fields in which they are interested. Students will be able to make connections from what they learn in the classroom to what they will experience in the hospital.

Admissions: Allied Health is a selective career academy.  Eighth-grade eligibility letters will indicate whether students are eligible to apply for selective CTE academies, dependent upon their 7th grade GPA and test scores.  Class of 2021 application process open on October 3rd and closes on December 9th at: http://apply.cps.edu.  All students interested in this program (regardless of attendance area) should apply in order to secure a spot.

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