Alright, Stop: Yoga Time!

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yogaThe students at Roberto Clemente High School are receiving a unique learning experience in PE III/IV that pushes many of them beyond their previous experiences with fitness.  As Mr. Tolene – a PE instructor at Clemente – states, “One of our goals is to produce students with intimidating test scores, but who also think and problem-solve in new and creative ways.”  In addition to standard course content, students also acquire skills in reflection, self-management, and open-mindedness.

One of the avenues to reach these goals is practicing Yoga, among other non-traditional methods, as it confers several mental and physical benefits. The students at RCCA are given the opportunity to stop and purposefully connect with their mind and body. Being in the “here and now” can get tricky with ACT prep, college applications, and an increasing go-go-go lifestyle. Yoga teaches our students to “be in their body” as a means to de-stress, clear the mind, and enhance their moods.


Tree Pose (but all together it’s a forest)