Black History Month – Civics Class

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For Black History Month, RCCA’s Civics students were presented with primary documents, primary accounts, and video clips of African Americans during Jim Crow America. Some of the documents covered the Willie Lynch speech, Little Rock 9, and police reports on the assassination of Civil Rights activists. The students provided their insight as well as their reactions to the conditions that many Americans lived under from 1876-1965, and even today. As a closing to this unit, students had the opportunity to nominate, vote, and elect their own classroom representatives. Students all have a responsibility as a citizen of their classroom, through roles such as President and treasurer. These roles include responsibilities such as reading the bell-ringer and providing their classmates with participation points.The voting simulation allows for the students to experience first hand the privilege of voting and having a voice as an American citizen. As best summed up by Edwin Morales (Civics 1st Period), “It’s so crazy that something so basic like voting can make change.”