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Prom Night: All that Glitters

prom3On June 5th, the Class of 2015 celebrated prom at the Palmer House Hotel in beautiful downtown Chicago. It was a fabulous night with bright lights, enchanting music, and red carpet fashion. Prior to attending prom, the students had an incredible time taking pictures around the Humboldt Park community and downtown with family and friends. When the students entered the Palmer House Hotel, they walked into an elegant marble and gold ballroom decorated from top-to-bottom with glittering decorations. The elegant second story windows offered students a nighttime view of State Street and, beyond, the Art Institute and the Magnificent Mile. Since the 1920s, the historic Palmer House has been a popular destination for high-profile visitors, including U.S. presidents and authors Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. The iconic hotel is the site of many firsts; in fact, the Palmer House claims that the chocolate brownie was invented by its pastry chef for the 1892 World’s Columbian Exposition.

All guests enjoyed a delicious banquet and scrumptious desserts. The DJ played an array of music as all joined in on the dance floor. Even the Clemente staff joined the students on the dance floor to celebrate this magical night. As the evening came to a close, the prom court was announced. The prom king and queen were Joseph Garcias and Kendrianna Dyson. The prince and princess were Alex Dejesus and Ashley Gomez. The duke and duchess were Marcus Graham and Tarianna Williams, and the lord and lady were Jacob Ortega and Maria Craig.

It was a lovely evening for all to remember.

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