Classick Studio Opens Doors to Clemente Students

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On Monday, May 1st, I had the pleasure going with Jaden Knox to Humboldt Park’s Classick Studios. There Jaden and one other student from Gary Comer Academy had the unique privilege of sitting down with the studio’s creator, Chris Inumberable. Chris has worked with some of Chicago’s biggest artists, such as  Chance the Rapper, lil Durk, and Jeremih.  Chris is now moving on in his career to manage more up-and-coming artists, like Simno. Inumberable took time out of his day to share knowledge and shine light on possibilities, goals, and dreams of creative people who want to be the best authentic version of themselves. Jaden had the opportunity to hear about the history of the studio, see the benefits of hard work, and receive advice from Chris.  Did I mention Jaden received a one-month internship at Classick Studio?

Jaden was selected through Dwyane Wade’s organization called “Wade’s World Foundation.” Within Wade’s organization, he sponsors a program called “Dwyane Wade’s Spot Light On initiative.” Wade World’s Foundation looks into students’ interests, finds out what their dreams are, and puts legs on those dreams. Jaden has a love for music, film, and is truly creative.  Jaden’s passion was also seen in his own personal project in which he put a spotlight on students who are doing big things at Clemente. Through this project, he had the opportunity to share his spotlight with others. “I want to give back to people who are doing great things,” stated Jaden when asked about his inspiration for his personal project.

Inumberable is a true risk taker and has experienced the benefit of seeing his hard work pay off in a positive way. Inumberable explained to Jaden that there will always be people who don’t believe in his dream or vision but not to focus on the negative and keep the positive at the forefront. Inumberable advised the students to surround themselves with positive people who help them follow their passions. Inumberable demonstrates that having an open mind, passion, and hard work can truly bring a person’s dream to life. It’s great to see him passing this concept along to other young people who think outside the box. Keep your eyes and ears open for Classick Studio news in the near future.  Big things are sure to come!