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On the morning of September 23, Clemente’s freshmen embarked on a scavenger hunt to discover all they could about the Humboldt Park community. They sought information about many of the murals along Division Street, plus other locations like Monarch Community Garden and Cyclo Urbano.  At La Casita de Don Pedro, students received a private tour and learned about the origins of bomba.  At the end of the scavenger hunt, classes met in 5 locations around Humboldt Park to clean up any littered garbage and beautify the environment.

In the afternoon, students returned to Clemente for a Socratic Seminar. They discussed ways to improve the community, the moral principles that are important to them, and how much courage it takes to act for change you believe in. Students also investigated issues facing the Humboldt Park community in each of their classes the day prior to the trip. Topics included: urban gardening and how it can alleviate the food desert problem; the impact humans have on ecosystems in Chicago; the cost of living in Cook County as compared to earnings from a minimum wage job; and local organizations that help diminish gang violence.

Students will return to the community for volunteer projects throughout the year, aiming to make Clemente, the community – and eventually, the world – a better place!