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marine-leadership-academy-bulldog-soccerOn Friday, October 14th, the Clemente Wildcats boys Varsity soccer team faced off against the Amundsen Vikings in the IHSA Regional Quarterfinal playoff game.

Clemente began the game strong, playing defensively and allowing the Vikings to keep possession for most of the first half. The Vikings were able to attack and create many goal-scoring opportunities. Clemente was forced to defend for the entire half and the Vikings were able to finish the first-half with a 3-0 lead.

The second half began with Clemente knowing they had 40 minutes to change the game around. The Vikings scored two quick goals within the first ten minutes of the second half. Clemente was not able to recover and the Vikings were able to score two more second half goals. The 2016 Fall Varsity boys’ soccer season came to an end with a 7-0 loss to the Vikings from Amundsen High School.

The Wildcats left the final game of the season with their heads held high and will continue to grow and work to get better for the 2017 fall season. The Wildcats season did not go as they had hoped, but the team has gained experience that will strengthen the team and prepare them for next season. The 2016 fall soccer season was a success in many ways that are not reflected in the Wildcats win-loss record. The team has overcome many obstacles, some players left and some new teammates joined, but the team has learned the true value of teamwork. Our freshmen players have gained the confidence to be key members of next year’s team. The sophomore and junior players have proven to be leaders on and off the field; they will be the ones to lead the team next season.

As they get ready to finish their senior year at Roberto Clemente Community Academy, I want to say thank you and good luck to our team leaders.

Class of 2017:

Eduardo Cervantes – Three years working alongside you has made my job as a coach that much easier. You were our co-captain and led this team by example. Your attention to detail and great personality is something that this team will surely miss next season. You have worked hard for three years and always were eager to learn new things, which made our team that much better. Continue working hard because I know you have the potential to be someone great in life if you set your mind to it. Stay focused and never stop playing soccer!

Vidal Hernandez- You have been a great asset to the team this season. I appreciate your passion for the game; you fought and never gave up which was so positive for the team. I wished you had joined our team two seasons ago, but know that you contributed to the overall success of our team this season. I hope you continue working hard and do not lose sight of what is important. Keep your mind focused and finish this year strong!

Arnold Rodriguez – These past three years with you on this team have flown by, I can not believe it has come to an end. You have been one of the hardest working individuals on this team for three years now. Everyone on this team looked to you for leadership and guidance. Your true dedication to the game of soccer allowed for the rest of the guys to step up their game. I appreciate your passion for the game; you fought and never gave up which reflected positively on the team. Continue being the caring and good spirited person you are, especially as you move on past high school. I hope that you continue playing soccer recreationally because I know how much joy soccer brings to you.