Clemente Students Demo 3D Printing

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This week, two Clemente senior math classes had the chance to see cutting-edge technology in action when they went to see a live demonstration of a 3D printer on Tuesday, May 13th. Students in Ms. Pooley’s 4th and 5th period College Algebra classes were amazed to see an image on a screen transformed into a plastic 3D object before their eyes.  Senior Melchor Viviano said, “It was so cool to see it make everything layer by layer.” Students passed around figurines, jewelry, and other creations made by the 3D printer, called the MakerBot Replicator 2.

The students also learned from the presenters about the business side of 3D printing, which is expected to have a major effect on education and business over the next decade.  3D printing can be used in art, math, and science classes to facilitate hands-on, experiential learning, and is already changing the way products are created in the manufacturing world. Students appreciated the opportunity to see such new and important technology up close and were amazed by the things the printer could do. As senior Manny Quintana said, “Wow, that’s so crazy!”