Clemente students embark on the KAPPA League Journey

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Clemente Students Embark on the KAPPA League Journey 

Several RCCA students have been nominated for participation in the “Kappa Leadership Institute – Chicago,” which focuses on developing male leaders within our communities. The Kappa League promotes skills that will help students succeed not only at RCCA and in the local community, but at collegiate and international levels as well.

Understanding the importance of our underrepresented students going to colleges and universities, the League has partnered with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to offer a program that strengthens our students’ academic and leadership skills, writing abilities, and capacity for individual goal-setting and time management.  College readiness is also addressed through ACT & SAT Test Preparation, college research and selection, public speaking & interviewing practice, and financial planning seminars.

The following students have been nominated:

  • Jorge Cruz, sophomore
  • Isaiah Norwood, sophomore
  • Jermaine Jones, sophomore
  • Kevin Gage, freshman
  • Keontay Knox, freshman

 Some of the many benefits that come from joining the Kappa League are:

1. Students will travel to various universities during their spring breaks.

2. Students will have the opportunity to study abroad during their summer break.

3. All expenses for these opportunities will be fully funded by the Kappa Leadership Institute – Chicago!

4. Students will develop the skills necessary to be successful in college, and be prepared to obtain admission to the college of their choice.

5. Scholarships are provided to the students for collegiate expenditures

The process for joining the Kappa Leadership Institute is not easy. It involves having to attend an informational session at Loyola University, filling out an extensive application, and finally, an intensive interview process. Although it may seem like a lot, this prepares our students for future opportunities. Let’s hear it for the Clemente students who have been selected for this amazing international experience!

Roberto Clemente Community Academy
International Baccalaureate Candidate School