Wildcat Clubs

Roberto Clemente Community Academy has a variety of clubs and sports that are engaging and academically rigorous. We have clubs that address the physical, emotional, and social needs of our students.
Clubs like Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB), Aspira, the Book Club, and the Peace and Leadership Council all challenge our student academically and helps them think critically. There are clubs like Archery and the Drama Club that allow for our students to incorporate physical activity; our clubs are built to engage all students in a proactive way.

Clemente Cooks
Clemente Cooks focuses on three primary categories: kitchen fundamentals and safety, cooking methods and techniques, and healthy eating. Students are taught everything from knife skills to preventing cross-contamination, to kneading dough and tenderizing meat. As always, we promote healthy lifestyles by teaching club members healthy alternatives (i.e. using olive oil instead of butter) and nutrition.

Media Club
Media Club gives our students the opportunity to express themselves creatively while gaining hands-on experience in media production technology (a unique and effective approach to teaching STEM concepts). Without the pressure of strict deadlines for project completion, students are able to write their own screenplays, produce short movies/newscasts and much more.

World Media Club
The World Media Club is a program focused on the digital arts. The students who participate in the WMC are able to join specific labs tailored to their interests. These different labs create unique individual projects and then join together in collaborative projects. The work they create is made available on the WMC Digital Magazine where visitors to the site can view photo galleries, blogs and videos, all produced by students. The ultimate goal of the WMC is to create students that are more globally-minded and knowledgeable of the world around them.

Homework Help
Homework Help provides one-on-one academic assistance as well as a relaxing and positive environment in which students are able to complete their homework, catch up on missed assignments, and receive the overall support and attention needed to practice and master the academic concepts being taught in their classes.

Girls Can We Talk
Girls Can We Talk is a program dedicated to building strong Lady Wildcats! We offer a wide range of fun activities—everything from arts & crafts, field trips, fundraising goals and dance routines. We are also strongly rooted in mentoring and journaling, and serve as a place where all participants can come to talk about the successes and struggles of their day and offer help to others who may be experiencing the same thing.

Cheer Squad
One, two, three, four
We’re Lady Wildcats, hear us roar!
Cheer Squad is the spirit of every sporting event and pep rally at Clemente. In our club we work together as a team to come up with new cheers and dance moves and provide excitement and enthusiasm at every event we attend.

Art & Anime Club
In Anime Club we focus on reading and watching the newest and most popular anime out there, from Black Butler to Princess Mononoke. Each week one student “runs the show” by exposing the rest of the group to his or her favorite film or television show. Students take time and receive guidance on creating their very own anime characters with professional pens, inks and sketch books provided to all students at no cost.

Art Club
In Art Club we focus on improving our artistic abilities outside the instruction offered in class. Students use this time for their own studio work, using everything from acrylic paints to colorful duct tape. Whether it’s fine arts, arts & crafts, or field trips to the art museums downtown, we do it all!

Boys & Girls Club 
Room 316 is the place to be! With tons of computers to use, a recording studio, movie production equipment and a bumping stereo to listen to the newest songs, we have something for everyone. Want to come work on homework? Print out a photo? Record a song? Make a bopping video? Get advice on your future or just talk about your day? Come check us out!

Diplomas 2 Degrees
Diplomas 2 Degrees, a nationwide program developed by Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s, provides a range of college readiness activities to guide club members as they work toward high school graduation and prepare for post-secondary education and career success.

Drum Line
Do you like rhythm? Drums? Being the heart of the parade or the show stopper at local events? Come check out our drum line! We learn how to play different styles of marching drums and practice numerous drumming techniques so we can proudly represent Clemente out in the community, at events like the Puerto Rican People’s Parade.

Triple Play – Basketball
Triple Play – Basketball offers students the opportunity to play basketball in the morning while building positive relationships with other youth and staff. While they are having fun playing their favorite sport they are also experiencing many indirect benefits, such as expending energy before class, building teamwork and leadership skills and arriving earlier to school to be on time for their first class of the day.

Triple Play – Weight Room
Triple Play – Weight Room provides students with a safe place to exercise and learn about a variety of exercise-related topics such as anatomy, proper weight lifting techniques, personal goal-setting and nutrition.

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