RCCA’s Counseling Team

Tresa Mueller
Eliana F. Lebrón
Richard Foreman
Jaclyn Smith

 Counseling Team Caseloads

CounselorCase LoadPhone Number
Mr. Foreman9th grade


10th grade- A-F


Ms. Smith11th grade

10th grade- G-Pe

Ms. Mueller12th grade

10th grade- Pi-Z

AP Coordinator

SAT and PSAT Coordinator

Mrs. Lebron11th and 12th grade College and Career Coach

College visits


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Counseling Team Mission Statement

The school counseling department at Roberto Clemente Community Academy will ensure equitable academic, career, postsecondary success and personal/social opportunities for all students through culturally competent services. Utilizing a comprehensive guidance curriculum, we will foster a sense of self awareness and a growth mindset in our students, aiming to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who will become successful contributors to a global and rapidly changing society.

RCCA’s counselors support

Individual Counseling
Students can meet individually with the counselor as needed. Students can be referred for individual counseling by parents, teachers, students, or by the counselor.
Group Counseling
Groups are developed to help target student development of skills such as self-esteem, team building, social skills, anger management, friendship, coping with grief, or organizational skills.
Systems Support
The school counselor is available for consultation with teachers, parents, and other professionals as needed. Collaboration can take place through individual conferences, group meetings. Counselors may also make referrals to outside resources for additional student assistance.
Responsive Services
The school counselor is available to assist students with the experience of a crisis. The counselor is also available to respond to any immediate issues or student concerns that happen during the school hours that prevent the student from actively participating and engaging in the classroom.

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