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Exploring IB Spanish for Heritage Speakers at Clemente



Exploring IB Spanish for Heritage Speakers at Clemente1The students in our Spanish for Heritage Speakers classes have had lots of exposure to Spanish at home. They have family members that speak to them in Spanish. Some students interact all day, every day, with their parents and siblings in the Spanish language. Others interact regularly with extended family, but may not respond in Spanish or know how. Not surprisingly, listening comprehension with our heritage Spanish students is advanced while, reading comprehension often is at a beginning level. Many or our heritage Spanish students have not had very much reading exposure within the Spanish language, so we are looking to change that at Clemente High School!

Much of the time we spend in the Spanish for Heritage Speakers class is dedicated to hosting Reading Workshops. Students choose from a variety of high-interest, leveled novels which they read at their own pace. As IB learned, students demonstrate the learner profile traits by reflecting on the stories they have ready, and communicate their learning with their peers to make the experience meaningful.

Below, please enjoy a little sample of what our IB students have to say about their Spanish proficiency growth this year:


Exploring IB Spanish for Heritage Speakers at Clemente2“Spanish class has made me feel more confident in Spanish reading and writing. I am Hispanic but I don’t know Spanish in that way. This class has helped me understand difficult words that were initially hard for me.” (María)


“My vocabulary has expanded.” (David)


“I used to only be able to speak Spanish, and when it came to writing, I needed Google translate. Now I can read and write well.” (K.)

“My Spanish reading fluency has improved because I practice it more in class. I already read, write, and speak Spanish but practicing in class improves my Spanish strength.” (Oscar)

“My Spanish reading improved significantly because of the fact that I used to hardly read in Spanish.” (Gustavo)

“In the beginning of the year I could barely have a conversation [in Spanish] at all. Now I can.” (Isabel)

“My Spanish has improved a lot from the beginning [of the year] and I am more fluent. I am also reading a lot faster in Spanish.” (Sussy)

“I don’t have to constantly pause to sound out words [when I read Spanish] like I used to.” (I.)

“Having to read at least three times a week in Spanish class has brought up my reading level. I now have more confidence in speaking and writing [in Spanish].” (Karina)

“Overtime my reading fluency has changed drastically. I now can read at a level I used to think was impossible.” (Amari)

“My reading fluency has improved because we read a lot and reflect on what we read.” (Jayleen)

“There used to be words I could not pronounce, but now I can with the reading we’ve done in class.” (Alexis)

“I never liked reading in Spanish before now.” (Alyssa)