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I Found the Secret to Success!

By: Guadalupe Bautista

Team 12 web story pic 5.6.16I have been working with Project Prepare since October of my senior year. We’ve met one on one to work on my long terms goals, to write my personal statement for college and research which programs match what I want to do. Now, my goal is to attend Northeastern University of Illinois to study health care.

I would describe Project Prepare as supportive. Project Prepare motivates students to take action towards their goals. They give advice when students are going through a hard time, and they prepare students with time management skills.  Project Prepare has helped me get ready for life after Clemente by helping me build my confidence; I now have the skills I need to manage my time in college. If I hadn’t learned these skills, I wouldn’t be able to balance all of my responsibilities including soccer, AP courses, family obligations, study time, and church.

Project Prepare coached me on how to use a planner to track my schedule and obligations. I learned that I needed to prioritize my education by setting aside time to study and sharing my goals with my family. I realized I spent more time on unimportant things than I had thought, so making a weekly plan helped me make more time for studying. I also learned how to talk to my parents about how important their support is to me and what I need from them.

Now, with my teachers, I take action on what needs to be done instead of procrastinating. I told them what my goals were and it helped me stay committed to making them happen.  As a result, I’ve been coming to school on time and I am caught up in my classes. Now I am really excited because I get to play in my soccer games and I am on my way to college!