Freshmen Step Up 2014

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[dropcap style=”1″]Last week, Clemente hosted the Freshmen Step-Up program, intended to familiarize students with the staff and facilities, build relationships between new students, and provide early exposure to post-secondary information. From July 14 to 18, approximately 70 of our incoming freshmen participated. Each day began with team-building activities, allowing students a chance to introduce themselves, meet new people, and start building friendships in a fun environment. Students then reflected on the life and service of Roberto Clemente the man, while making connections to the IB Learner profile attributes as well as traits within themselves. Afternoons were typically spent exploring different post-secondary topics with the direction of the Clemente Gear-Up staff and BAM Leader. The week ended with an assembly to summarize the program and what they had experienced, as well as an opportunity to meet the WILDCAT! Students then spent the final afternoon relaxing, socializing and bowling at Waveland Bowl. Overall the event was a great time for all students and staff that participated! [/dropcap]

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