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Health and Well-Being

By Lou Rachmaciej
10th grade PE Teacher

slider-healthThe sophomore students in Physical Education II have been working on developing their understanding of how to improve their health and wellness throughout the school year. The students have participated in multiple types of activities that have helped them develop and increase their overall health and wellness. These activities have included flag football, floor hockey, badminton, team handball, and basketball. The students have also created their own individualized workout plan which they have implemented at Clemente and at home. Students have worked on revising their fitness plans throughout the year by receiving information from each other and by taking advantage of the tremendous amount of technology we have at Clemente.

Students have also been participating in weekly fitness days. During these days, students in PE II wear the Polar Heart Rate Monitors during class, through which they get real-time data on their heart rate, which cardio vascular target zone they are in during the activity, and how many calories they burned throughout the lesson. Students love seeing the live data, which helps push them even further throughout the lesson. When the students go to the computer lab to analyze their data, they get encouraged to see how their health has been improving.

The PE II classes also have been using IPads to help further enhance their skills and performance levels. The students use the “CoachesEye” app to record themselves on a particular skill, in which they then can break down their performance and analyze what they are doing correctly and what they need to improve upon. They also can compare and contrast their performance with other classmates and even professional athletes. The students have already seen a tremendous growth within their performance from using the IPads. When the students return from break they will continue to work on their skills within their basketball teams that they created along with generating and creating team strategies that will help them compete within games against other teams in their classes.