General overview of the JROTC program:
The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered to high schools that teaches students (cadets) character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity. Collectively, these lessons motivate cadets to be better citizens. In addition to promoting citizenship, JROTC also highly strives to prepare cadets for college. There is no military commitment or expectation tied to this program.

JROTC instructors are trained and receive ongoing professional development in using a range of teaching strategies, technology, and a nationally accredited curriculum, as well as promoting academic and social/emotional success of all cadets. JROTC lessons align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and IB Assessment Criteria as appropriate per course. The curriculum is based on performance-based, student-centered activities.

Course Description for each level:

Level Course name and description
LET I (9th grade) New Cadets will learn teamwork and what it takes to be a leader, improve their study skills, strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle, develop self-discipline and being accountable for their actions not only in school but also in their community.
LET II (10th grade) Second-year cadets will continue to master those skills learned during their first year. Additionally, they will learn higher-level communication and teaching skills and apply those skills to conflict resolution. First Aid, health and citizenship/American history will be stressed.
LET III/IV (11th & 12th) Third- and fourth-year cadets continue to develop and apply citizenship and leadership skills. Lessons and activities allow them to further develop self-reliance and responsiveness to all authority. Cadets improve the ability to communicate well both orally and in writing, while assuming greater responsibility in leadership roles. Cadets will also strengthen their appreciation of the importance of physical fitness. During these last two years, career exploration strategies, college preparation, goal-setting, and job interview techniques are especially emphasized.

Competitions and Activities:
• Orienteering
• Archery Team
• Drill Team
• Color Guard
• Cadet Challenge
• Saber Team
• Drum Line
• Raiders Team
• Junior Achievement
• Sports Challenge

Recent awards, honors, scholarships, etc.
• 2014-2015 JROTC-related scholarship awards totaled $599,880
• The 2014-2015 Archery Team placed 1st in Chicago and 3rd in Illinois, qualifying them to participate in both the National and International Archery Tournaments, where they received high rankings.

Other activities include:
• Two Service Learning Projects
• Military Ball
• Columbus Day, Greek Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day Parades

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