Juvenile Justice: An International Perspective

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Mr. Landaverde’s Law in Society students have been immersed in an engaging project learning about the juvenile justice system in the United States compared to foreign countries. More specifically, students have looked at many cases of teenagers who have committed murder.  After reading several cases, the students are now involved in research about a teenager they choose who has been convicted of a crime.

Additionally, students in Mr. L’s class have been working hard on improving their reading skills in preparation for the ACT. The research and extensive reading is a great way to put their practice into action. Rogelio Hernandez and Izcoatl Rodriguez reflected on the research project and stated, “Our reading skills have improved because we highlight and analyze the articles.”  According to several students, Mr. Landaverde’s class is one of the best classes they have had. Kayla Triche stated, “Mr. L knows how to keep us interested.” Chidy Ramos added, “We love the class because we get to debate and give our opinion.”