Lady Wildcats Softball Team Prepare for 2017 Season

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Our 2017 Lady Wildcats softball team is preparing for a great season this year. There are great new clusters of student athletes with five returning seniors. We are projected to do well in the blue conference with two returning seniors Jazlin Torres and Chastidy Soto leading the team as captains. Their awesome leadership qualities on and off the field are sure to turn heads and shake things up this season. Jazlin is a dominant pitcher on the mound with great command and great velocity, and Chastidy’s great hands and powerful bat are sure to be trouble for any team we face.  

The girls have been through a rigorous conditioning camp, and they continue to practice and push themselves to get better each and every day. Their hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed; moreover, the fruits of their labor will be displayed on the field as we strive to bring home a conference championship. Although a championship is one of our goals, the priority for our Lady Wildcats is to grow as a team and grow as individuals. Teamwork, discipline, respect, humility and community is the ultimate goal for each and every student athlete who wears a Clemente Wildcat uniform.

The softball team has an away conference game at Amundsen on Tuesday, March 28th, 4:30p. We would love to see your school pride in supporting our Lady Wildcats throughout this season.

Head Coach, Wilfrido Marin