Principal Mojica’s Story

Like many others, I have experienced struggle. Like some, I have gone to bed without food and woken up freezing in the night because our heat was cut off. Like some, I have suffered the humiliation of being pulled over by the police for no apparent reason only to be addressed as “boy” by the officer. But I have had amazing experiences too. I was fortunate enough to be the first one in my family to attend and graduate from college, and the first to earn my master’s degree. After college, luck struck again and an agent on a street in Atlanta asked me to be a model. That crazy journey ended in with me becoming an actor in plays, in commercials and even in some movies. I enjoyed that part of my life, and because of those jobs, I was able to pay off my college loans early and make a down payment on a car.

Throughout these highs and lows, I can say that, without a doubt, being an educator has by far been the most fulfilling career choice that I have ever made. Being able to equip and empower young people to use all of the tools within their grasp to not only thrive but to positively impact and change the world around them is my life long passion.

Before becoming a principal, I became an assistant principal first at Chicago Academy, then later at Jose de Diego. At de Diego, I worked closely within the Humboldt Park community and grew to love it and claim it as my second home. (My first home is the Bronx. Go Yankees!)

I consider it a privilege and pleasure to help young people reach their fullest potential. I know we still have a good deal of work ahead of us, but I also know that Clemente is an amazing school full of wonderful possibilities and resilient people. With a little bit of trust and hard work, we can ignite a second cultural renaissance in the city. At Clemente, we are in the business of developing great humans beings that think critically, interact responsibly, and participate actively within their local and global community.  I want all Clemente students to lead the charge in securing a better future for themselves, their families, and our community.

If you hadn’t had an opportunity yet, please sign up for our alumni association where we are looking to build mentorship opportunities and other Clemente Alumni related events.