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Learning Centers Open with a Win for Teams 11 and 12

This past Monday, each grade level opened the doors for their Learning Centers in rooms 405, 505, and 605.  The Learning Center is a place where all students are welcome to come after school to receive academic support and enrichment, as well as a space where some students are invited to reflect on their practices and areas of concern.  Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, teacher representatives are available after school to support our students as they navigate the academic and personal challenges of the year.   In addition, teacher teams meet twice weekly in the Learning Center to discuss student progress, behavior, attendance, and grades, and to plan any needed interventions.  It is also here that teachers develop and monitor goals for students in the areas of Service Learning, attendance, ACT performance, and academic progress. 

Special kudos to the Junior and Senior Teams!  These teams share a Learning Center on the 6th floor, and recently won a building-wide contest for Best Learning Center.  The walls are decorated with academic, international, and postsecondary themes, as well as the traits of the IB Learner Profile.  On one wall is a mural, sketched by steel drums instructor Heather Busch and painted by members of the team.  Another wall features a world map showing where team members have been, hopefully inspiring students to inquire more fully about the world around them and become risk takers by visiting places around the globe!  For a fun component, all tutoring students are welcome to help themselves to treats in the “Student Union” section of the room. 

Congratulations, Teams 11 and 12!