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Researching Colleges: North Park University

slider-Researching Colleges- North Park UniversityNorth Park University was founded by the Evangelical Covenant Church in 1891.  It is a small private university that is located on the north side of Chicago (Foster Ave. and Kedzie Ave.)  It services 3,200 students from all over the country and world.  Even though it’s a small private university, it has a rich liberal arts program which encourages innovation in the classroom and serves the community around them.

North Park University focuses on connecting the community with the world wide influence of its students. The education focuses on real world experiences through teachers who are leading professionals in their fields.  Besides its award winning liberal arts education, North Park University also has competitive programs in business, the health services, health science, and education.

Since North Park University is a Christian school, they aim to relating the Christian faith to university style education.  They pride themselves in having, not only Christian students, but also students of many faiths and diverse backgrounds.  Although it is founded on Christian principles and values, the richness of this university is embodied in its multi-cultural and multi-faith student body and professors.

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