Roberto Clemente’s JROTC Programs Host the Largest Archery Tournament in Chicago

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Last Saturday, our cadet Archers competed in the long-awaited archery tournament, hosted right in their home court. Clemente’s JROTC Archery Tournament is not only the largest archery tournament in Chicago; it is also a special homecoming for graduated archers.  This year, 16 schools comprised of over 500 archers participated.  Archery is a unique sport where competitors cheer for each other when a perfect score of fifty is shot. The score of fifty occurs when five arrows are shot during a flight and hit the bulls-eye.  Also, archery isn’t about beating the other guy; it’s all about performing your best and giving your all. Sportsmanship, discipline, integrity and leadership are the hallmarks of an archer.  Our cadets have displayed these characteristics throughout the school year, having been committed to 2-3 hour practices after school four days a week.

Our cadets performed superbly; Clemente surpassed a team score of 3,200 for the second time this season, out of a possible score of 3600.  With the Illinois State Championship just around the corner, Mar 24th, 25th and 26th, Clemente is peaking at the right time.  The closing ceremony is unique at Clemente.  SFC Lewis has for years brought all the archers down on to the gym to form a gigantic circle.  While holding hands, kids from all walks of life, races, creeds and colors sing “We Are The World”.

Ten graduates returned this year to support the current archers and the tournament.  Their official title is Line Judge.  They are responsible for the safe and proper execution of the tournament. This means that they supervise the shooting of the arrows, scoring the targets, and overall safety. Also, they share with current students advice about their college experiences. It’s incredible to see that our returning students continue to exemplify leadership qualities and that they are pouring into the next generation of future graduates by sharing their wisdom.