Senior Decision Day

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As their last quarter of high school draws to an end, seniors are excited about prom, graduation, and going off colleges or careers. Students are proud and excited to be receiving scholarships and acceptance letters from prospective schools.  On May 1, they participated in Decision Day, during which they declare and commit to the college or university they plan to attend.  As part of the Decision Day, all seniors also participated in workshops that will help them prepare for their future. The workshops included:

  • College 101 – This workshop provided students with a plethora of information about college life needed to ensure their stay is successful.
  • Planning for Life after High School – Presenters provided students with information about options other than traditional college, and about what it takes to live and survive on their own.
  • Congratulations You’ve Been Accepted! Now what… -This workshop provided students with strategies and guidance on the steps to take before they can actually enroll in school.
  • Military Makings – Students explored tips, tools, and instructions on how to be successful in all branches of the military, and how to properly prepare for service.
  • Interviewing – This workshop guided students on how to prepare for a successful interview.  Presenters role-played with students and provided tips and strategies on what the interviewers are looking for.

Decision Day ended with a final awards ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge outstanding seniors for their accomplishments.