Senior Reflection Project

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The senior Wildcats in the IB Diploma Programme at Roberto Clemente have been working on their final art project this year. They have explored artists like Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh, who often depict themselves in their artworks. These artists use their art to depict important moments in their lives. Both of these artists experienced a lot of suffering throughout their lives and utilized their art as a way to express themselves and their hardships.

For this project, the students reflected on their high school experience and the important events that occurred during those years. Once they had specific memories for each year, they discussed ways in which to implement symbols for each moment they chose to highlight. Students were to incorporate a portrait of themselves in their artworks.

These seniors in the have taken Visual Arts for the past three years and have explored many movements in art and learned about various contemporary artists. The students went through a vigorous year selecting a concentration for their art pieces; they acquired time management and organizational skills that allowed them to complete their portfolios and submit to the IBO. This last project allows the students the freedom to create a special self-portrait that summarizes their four years in Roberto Clemente Community Academy.

Students had the freedom to chose the medium they would work on for this assignment. They have experience utilizing various mediums and this allowed them to work with materials they with which they felt the most comfortable. Students like Sebastian McCausland, decided to work utilizing Photography and edit his final product in Photoshop. Students like Estefania Santiago and Robert Reyes decided to work with acrylic paint and add their own stylistic approach to the final artwork. Each student has developed a unique style throughout their three years in art and their unique artistic signatures are evident in their final art pieces.