Sexual Health Education at Roberto Clemente High School

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Sexual Health Education at Roberto Clemente High School

By Mr. Tolene
Physical Education Instructor Junior/Senior
Roberto Clemente High School: International Baccalaureate School

Teamm11April16Starting March 28th, Roberto Clemente High School junior and senior classes participated in a series of sexual health education classes. Mr. Tolene, the physical education teacher, teamed up with the clinicians from the Erie Clinic to deliver current and crucial sexual health information. Pictured are two of the clinicians from the Erie Clinic who provided interactive activities, relevant content with illustrations, and supporting videos to help break down the topics which range from adoption, abortion, prenatal care, and anatomy.

The hour flew by, but towards the end, the facilitators opened the floor up for a question and answer discussion. After the first session of sexual health class, Mr. Tolene said, “I was glad to see my kids engaged and impressed with the knowledge they already had and the questions they asked.” The facilitators were happy and ready to answer any and all questions and even offered to go into detail with the biochemistry that occurs during certain phases of sexual development and pregnancy. Students left the class with a wealth of knowledge that will prepare them for the future and allow them to make positive choices in their own lives.

The Sexual Health training encompasses a total of 8 lessons, which will be conducted throughout the coming weeks. Topics range from teens and parenting, pregnancy options, contraceptives, and sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, the class covered additional information like negotiation skills, handling external influences, healthy relationships, and sexual violence. Part of this past sexual health lesson was a talk about available resources for teens with questions or in need of services. Clemente has a clinic in the building with staff ready to handle the health needs of its students and answer any questions they may have.