Sophomore Rec Night

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This quarter, the 10th grade community engagement committee decided to organize an event that would encourage families to participate in a variety of activities.  As students are learning in PE class, it is important to stay active and pursue lifelong wellness.  Whether you’re rolling a ball down the lane, collecting rebounds, or strategizing your next offensive play in a game of badminton, we have to constantly keep our bodies moving to stay healthy.  Providing opportunities within in the community to encourage movement pushes us one step forward to achieving wellness as a collective.

The community engagement committee would like to thank the families, students, and staff who made Rec Night a success. It was exciting to see such friendly competition and positive attitudes in the gymnasium – especially with our parents getting involved!  Several families attended the event and over a half dozen prizes were awarded.  Ivey Wilder’s family won two consecutive prizes – math students, what are the odds of that?