Sophomores Explore Occupational Health at UIC

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By, Mr. Menez

On January 11, 2017, IB students from Roberto Clemente Community Academy attended the College of Applied Health Sciences at UIC. The students took a tour of the College and explored the many departments and programs within the College through information sessions hosted by UIC graduate students.

In the various informational sessions, our students learned about the nutritional disparities and potential causes for those disparities within their own communities. They learned about the various devices used by occupational therapists to help better the lives of their patients. Students also learned about the physical therapy program at UIC and how physical therapists help their patients recover from injuries.

One program that students were extremel y interested in was the Masters in Biomedical Visualization. This program, which was founded in 1921, provides training for careers in visual communication of life science, medicine, and healthcare. Students used the Mudbox program to create 3D representations of cars, humans, and even dinosaurs (see the attached pictures for examples of student work). A student that attended this session exclaimed, “This was awesome.” Perhaps, there are some students at Clemente who have futures in Biomedical Visualization!