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Sub Zero Boys CookingRoberto Clemente Community Academy is proud to offer three different CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs for our students: Allied Health, Radio and TV Broadcasting, and Culinary Arts. During their 8th grade year, students from all around Chicago apply to Clemente to be a part of these prestigious career programs. These CTE programs are a three year course, beginning sophomore year and extending through senior year. Clemente’s Allied Health, Radio and TV Broadcasting, and Culinary Arts programs prepare students for post-secondary success by incorporating hands-on training, real-life work experience, and rigorous classroom instruction.

Current freshmen that were accepted into the CTE programs will begin taking CTE classes in the fall. On March 27th, these students took a field trip to various workplaces around Chicago to learn more about their respective CTE program.

Allied Health

Written by Elizanena Ibarra

I will be joining the Allied Health cohort starting next fall, my sophomore year. Some of my classmates and I went to Saint Mary’s Hospital to learn more about the different careers in the medical field. Going to Saint Mary’s Hospital was really educational and very eye-opening for me. We were able to see seven different departments within the hospital, and the staff members who took us on tours were really friendly and welcoming. Visiting Saint Mary’s Hospital taught me that there are different types of jobs in the medical field. Personally, I loved the Surgery Center and The Family Birthplace, which is their labor and delivery unit. We got to see medical tools and were given explanations about what they do. This field trip made me more excited for my classes next year and has made me see that there are more jobs in the medical field than I had expected.

Radio and TV Broadcasting

Written by Jalen Kerney and Leoncio Estrada

As part of the upcoming Radio and TV Broadcasting cohort at Clemente, we got to go to the radio station 101.9 The Mix. This was a new experience for us, and personally one of the best experiences we have ever had. We got to experience a “behind the scenes” look at where they broadcast the station, and see how it looks when there is an artist performing with microphones, soundboards, and other equipment. Our group even got to meet an upcoming band that sounded amazing! The on-air studio isn’t the only important part of the radio station, however. One of the producers at 101.9 The Mix told us that, “a radio station is like a stool: if one leg breaks, then the rest comes down with it”. A radio station is made up of many parts and all parts must work collectively to be successful. We are excited to learn more about this when we start our Radio and TV Broadcasting program in the fall!

Culinary Arts

Written by Daya Stanley

Last Friday, the freshmen Culinary Arts cohort took some time to contemplate our future career options. We visited the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, where we met three professional chefs. They gave us a taste of life in the food industry and even helped us prepare a meal in a professional kitchen! This field trip allowed us to take a sneak peek into a future job option, which we can prepare for in the Culinary Arts program at Clemente. The real question is, what’s cookin’?