The Art of Fundraising

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The Art of Fundraising

Team9Art3 The Art 1 freshman students are working hard to raise funds for new art supplies and explore the impact of marketing and product development. Students are creating artwork through the Square 1 Art Team9Art2Fundraiser for the next month to learn about the real world skills of fundraising. They are using their knowledge and experience from their first semester of Art 1 to develop individual artworks that will be printed on a variety of products such as iPhone cases, pillow cases, aprons, mugs, among many other items. Students are choosing between an array of media such as watercolors, pen and inks, acrylic paints, oil pastels and markers to show off their mastery and understanding of the qualities and effects that each of these materials have to offer.

After students complete their final works, they will be sent out to Square 1 Art on February 19th. From there, students will receive an individualized catalog that shows how their artwork will look on several products.  Students will be in charge of promoting the Square 1 Art Fundraiser to family, friends, and teachers. During this time, students will be learning about effective marketing and art sales.  All orders must be placed by March 18th and will be shipped in April.

The fundraiser not only raises funds for the art programs, but it challenges students to think about the products they buy and how branding influences their daily lives. An International Baccalaureate approach to an Art 1 class allows students to experience a real world application of fundraising, which in turn, connects the art that students are making to the real world.

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