The Class of 2015 Rings in 2014

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2014 is a big year for the Class of 2015. In just 3 months they will take the ACT which they have been preparing and practicing for since they were freshmen. In 8 short months they will become Seniors and set their minds on post-graduation goals and ambitions. Many students will turn 18; the reality of adulthood and the responsibility that comes along with it is looming near. When asked the question, “What is your goal for the year 2014?,” the Class of 2015 answered with pleasantly surprising responses. 

Losing weight is the number one response Americans give as their New Year’s Resolution. Next, Americans want to quit smoking, eat healthy and volunteer more. A group of our Juniors, on the other hand, responded with a resolution that will take them far in life. The number one goal amongst students is to do better in school. Students want to raise their grades, study more and stay on track. The second highest response is to score high on the ACT. The Class of 2015 wants to improve their scores from the last two practice tests. Way to set your goals and aim high, Class of 2015. 

Another great resolution stated by some students is college entrance. There are students who have their eyes on college now and know they need to start applying soon. Students are preparing for the college application process, including scholarships. These students know that preparing for college starts this year. Several students want to obtain their driver’s license. Watch out! The RCCA Class of 2015 Wildcats are on their way!