The Map Project

The seniors and juniors in Mr. Hoover’s AP Human Geography class believed that they knew maps pretty well before the class began. They had been using them for years, from Google Maps to actual atlas, students knew that they were familiar with maps. However, within the first two weeks in APHG, students found out that they haven’t seen a completely accurate map their entire life.

Once they inquired into the subject a little deeper, they found out that the globe is the only accurate presentation of a map that we have so far. Flat maps, like ones you see hanging in a classroom, or on Google Maps, cannot accurately project around the globe. Imagine cutting up a beach ball, and trying to lay it flat on the ground, there would be bumps and it would be impossible to lay flat. This is the same idea with map projections.

After learning about four different map projections, Gall-Pieters, Mercator, Robinson, and Fuller Projections, students went outside to display their learning. In groups of two or three, students went outside and used chalk to draw on Clemente’s sidewalk. Groups were responsible for a map projection and did their best to draw the projection on the ground. Students even voted on the best artists. Afterwards, students used their own chalk map projections to help study for the upcoming AP practice quiz. Reflecting on the quiz, students did the best on the map projections section of the quiz. For the rest of their lives, Clemente APHG students will never look at a map the same.