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For my fISUirst college application, I chose to apply to Illinois State University (ISU) because it is in the state of Illinois. The school is not far from Chicago, so I can still see my family. The student population of the school is 21,134 which is good because the school is big and I want to attend a big school. Illinois State University also has the major I want which is mass media television production.ISU’s six year graduation rate is 72 percent which means they provide help and support to their students.

I also applied to ISU because of their basketball team. The ISU Redbirds basketball team is in NCAA Division I- the top division to be in. I want to play for a Division I school because of my talents. Television production is what I want to major in because if basketball does not work, I will have something to fall back on. I think ISU would be a good college for me because it fits me and what I want in a college.