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By Guniversity-spotlight-paine-collegeabriela Ortiz

Paine College was founded on November 1, 1882, by the leadership of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a private institution. The college spans across 64.4 acres that consists of 31 academic buildings.  Paine is located in Augusta, GA. This school offers an excellent arts and science program as well as a top notch professional studies program. A student graduating from Paine has to complete a minimum of 124 semester hours in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) or a  Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree.

For new applicants, students need to have a 16 on the ACT and a GPA of 2.75 or higher.  Paine’s goal is to provide financial assistance to students who do not have the money or will not be able to attend the college because of financial issues. Therefore, over 95% percent of students receive financial aid. Paine has a helpful website that provides help to students and parents on how to apply for financial aid and the different types of financial assistance that are provided by the college.