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ciw_logo-01-720x405Roberto Clemente Community Academy students were a part of the Chicago Ideas Week Festival 2016. This event took place throughout the month of October. Ten of Clemente’s Wildcats attended this festival and participated in networking activities and interesting discussions. Students started off the event in the Annual Kick-off which was held at the Shedd Aquarium.

Students participated in various activities focusing on marine explorations. They also inquired about volunteering at the Shedd and student programs that were available. The event allowed students to meet other students from all across Chicago, as well as, interact with successful innovators. The Wildcats engaged with and learned how to network with people they met.

Another event Wildcats attended was at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture. The students sat in on a lecture held by one of the institute’s professors and worked with students from different schools to create a community building. Students learned about architectural designs and creating structures out of basic geometric shapes. The students left the institute acquiring new knowledge and one of our Wildcats, Monserrat Soria, even left wanting to pursue a summer High School Program in the Institute!

To end the Chicago Ideas Festival, students attended the Edison Talks. This was held at the Chicago Cadillac Theater. Students attended the full-day event and met innovators like Marvin Bing. Bing is the creator of Art for Rights and Usher’s Art for Social Justice show. After his keynote speech, Bing had lunch with the Wildcats and had a more personal conversation with the students. They discussed his history and life choices. Students were able to ask about his organizations and how to become a part of them. One of our Wildcats, Melanie Ceteno, received compliments on her artwork after taking the initiative to share some of her pieces with him. Marvin Bing, inspired our Wildcats and has kept in touch with them to answer their questions and concerns.

Students at Roberto Clemente had a wonderful experience during the Chicago Ideas Festival. They have bonded together and look forward to attending more events similar to this.

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