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Wildcats Get Involved

Our students are showing school pride by getting involved in an array of after-school activities and sports.  Many students are involved with at least one of the 25 clubs offered at RCCA, in addition to the 4 fall sports currently running (football, girls’ volleyball, girls’ swimming, and boys’ soccer).  In a recent poll of the junior class, the most popular clubs were the Gaming Club, Triple Play, and the Cheer/Dance Squad.  Students also demonstrated interested in clubs such as Clemente Cooks and the Drama Club.

Research shows student involvement in extracurricular activities such as after-school clubs and sports improves performance in academics.  It also allows students to create strong friendships and build character before they step out into the real world.  We are so proud to have so many students already contributing to create a strong Clemente community.

Students can find out more information about the various clubs and their meeting times from their teachers, or by checking our website.