Windy City Field House Trip 2014

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By Fabian Rentas  

Arriving to the Windy City Field House on November 19th was nothing the freshman honors cohort was expecting. Students competed with each other and worked together on team building activities in order to complete various challenges.  It was an overall fun and challenging experience. Many of  the freshmen that went would agree.  “We worked as a team in order to accomplish the team building activities.  Even though we lost some of the activities we still managed to work together and not give up,” explained Sandra Morfin, a member of the honors cohort. The purpose of this trip was not only to practice team building, but also to embrace the struggle when trying new activities.  The best part was when the instructors put us into teams and went head-to-head in relay races that required us to work together.  I just hope that we get to attend more fun field trips like this one soon!

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