Africobra Murals

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During third quarter, Art I students explored themes of the Chicago-based Africobra arts movement from the 1960s. Students learned about the Civil Rights movement, how African-Americans were faced with inequality, and how Africobra members faced these issues by creating a uniquely black aesthetic within the visual arts. Student considered what it meant to create artwork with positive messages and display it for a community of peers.

The students discussed issues currently happening in the Humboldt Park area and what positive messages they would like to give to their community. After researching the Africobra movement, students created individual pieces that were inspired from this movement but related to their own community and messages. These pieces are meant to give their community an encouraging message and words to inspire others. These pieces are not meant to hurt anyone or point out the hardships of the community; instead, they are meant to encourage people to keep on going and never give up.