Archery Qualifies for World Tournament

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Archery Qualifies for World Tournament

Written by Victor Fuentes

 “As a team, we shot a 3280.”

sliderArcheryThese are the words of SFC Lewis, our head coach, the morning after we shot at the National Archery Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky on May 7-8. This year’s tournament was a success and a great season ending for the Clemente Archery Team. The team headed to Nationals with a positive mindset. It was all about our game and technique. All the skills we’d practiced this season were coming into play.

Even after a long, 5-hour drive to Kentucky, everyone was still focused and ready to shut down all critics that say inner city kids can’t be successful in a sport like archery. What most teams don’t realize is that this is not just a team, we are a family. Personally, I shot 252 out of 300. I didn’t have my best game, but my team had my back. I know I’ll have theirs when they have a bad day.

Overall, our season was great! The team ended up placing #1 in Chicago, #3 in the state, and 78th out of 192 at Nationals, which means we qualified for the World Tournament in Nashville, TN. We are still waiting to register for Worlds, but in the meantime we will continue to practice and put in the hard work necessary in order to remain Chicago’s number 1 high school archery team.