Black History Musical Program

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Each year the Fine Arts Department presents a Black History Program involving students from the Beginning/Advanced Mixed Chorus, the Advanced Band, and General  Music.  These students showcase their talents as they tell the stories of significant African-American figures and cultural expressions that have impacted, shaped, and defined our country.  Both historical and present day issues are addressed in classrooms as students explore, practice, and perform the music from the African-American tradition.  Aligned with the IB framework, students specifically examine personal and cultural expression as a global context which encompasses related concepts such as communication and presentation.  The Fine Arts Department focuses much of their time on helping students develop a wide range of experiences that contribute to their understanding of what they experience locally and globally.

This year’s Black History Program is Friday, February 28th.  Freshman and junior classes will attend during 7th period.  Sophomore and senior classes will attend during 8th period.