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The artistic Wildcats at Roberto Clemente Community Academy have been exploring the medium of ceramics. The students have learned different clay building techniques and various approaches to glazing their artworks. Some students have even tackled wheel throwing! The Wildcats have been scaffolding their learning and slowly mastering these techniques while creating beautiful art pieces in the process.

The Senior Wildcats have been given the opportunity to do an individualized project where they can show their acquired skills while creating something that is unique. One student, in particular, has been very passionate about his project. Senior, Ruben Gonzalez, has been working very hard to create a large vase. Ruben comes in every day and gets straight to working on his piece. Ruben has gravitated towards the coiling method. This method consists of rolling clay in cylindrical strips and placing them on top of other coils; this allows the students to create a larger piece and control the shape of their objects. The coil building method has been around for thousands of years and utilized all over the world. Ruben is set to finish his marvelous vase by this week. The students in Studio Mixed Media cannot wait to see the end result!

Another student who has been enjoying this medium has been Chastidy Soto. Chastidy is a Senior Wildcat at Roberto Clemente and has recently learned to slip and score decorations onto her pieces. Slipping and Scoring is a technique that allows the artist to attach designs and decorations to their ceramic piece. Chastidy has mastered this technique and has been attaching beautiful decorations onto her art pieces. She continues to develop her art skills and is on the path to being a ceramic artists by the end of this unit. All of the students are doing an amazing job with ceramics and are on their way to becoming young ceramic artists!