Clemente Freshmen tackle population, pollution, and the pursuit of preservation

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pullutionThis week, Clemente students have been discovering their role in saving the world. It all started with ecology, the study of organisms and their relationships with each other and their natural environment. Then, students used a combination of their own previous knowledge and videos, articles, and observations to explore a number of issues facing the planet and all of its 7 billion (and counting) residents.

After becoming alarmed at the rapid growth of the human population, students engaged with several perspectives on defining and addressing the problem. They started by hearing suggested solutions by various sources ranging from limiting the number of children people could have, to age limits, to consuming fewer resources. Students then used these suggestions to generate their own opinions on curbing Earth’s increasing human population.

From there, students progressed to uncovering their own influence on the Earth’s survival. Students use their research and deduction skills to identify all the ways humans, including themselves, impact their environment. Students discovered how carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, how light pollution affects animals and humans alike, how water shortages affects millions of people around the world, and how renewable and nonrenewable resources are consumed every day.

Far from being discouraged by these problems, Clemente freshmen stepped up to develop answers. For their final project, students will be writing a letter to Chicago’s mayor that will describe the huge impact humans have on their environment, how themselves and other Chicago residents are contributing to the problems, and how they can work together to spread their knowledge and make a difference in the fight for a safer and healthier, world.