Happy New Year!

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-from Manny Ramos, a Culture and Climate team member

As we count-down the seconds and reflect on the past year, waiting with excitement for the clock to strike midnight to start the beginning of a New Year, we close our eyes and say goodbye to bad choices and excitedly wish for good health and good fortune for family, friends, and ourselves. We welcome with open arms and thoughts the New Year. With the New Year and a fresh start, we begin to set goals and dreams, big or small, realistic or nonrealistic.  We stay determined to say there will be change.  Personally, I’m grateful for another year and the little blessings bestowed upon me. I have worked hard and found success with work and my fitness. I have learned if you take the moment to sit back and breathe, the air does smell pretty good. In 2017, there will continue to be growth, and if I follow through maybe a mini triathlon or marathon.  Who knows?  I still have time to plan. Happy New Year to all!