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In our final year of IB candidacy, everyone in the building has been pulling their weight to ensure we are meeting the standards to bring this world-class education to Roberto Clemente students.  As part of implementing the IB Middle Years Programme, this includes all of our sophomores engaging in a Personal Project this year, assisted by an adult mentor.  With 150 sophomores in the school, this means we have 55 adults mentoring them through this experience!

Each sophomore is responsible for designing a Personal Project which involves learning a skill or subject of their choice. They are to commit 25 hours of their own time to plan for, research, and create a product that showcases their learning, which they will ultimately display at our Personal Project Exhibition this spring.  So far, they have had initial meetings with their mentors, outlined their intended goals and products, and gone “shopping” in the Personal Project supply room to equip themselves with process journals and any other organization supplies they need.

When asked how she felt about Personal Project, sophomore Samantha Dones stated, “I’m excited because it’s a chance for us to do something different and learn something new at our own pace, our own way.”  The young brains here at Clemente are brewing some great ideas.  Stay tuned for an update from the students as they transition into the action phase.

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