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Last week freshman students completed their first full scientific investigation, an experiment that they designed individually and conducted in small groups within their biology classes.  The investigation focused on the rate of photosynthesis, measured by how quickly spinach leaf disks were able to rise to the top of a sodium bicarbonate and water solution.  Students spent time in class researching different factors involved in photosynthesis and chose one to manipulate, in order to examine how it would affect the rate of photosynthesis.  Students put their knowledge of the scientific method to the test when they designed a fully controlled experiment, conducted it, collected data and analyzed it in order to form appropriate conclusions from their investigations.

Throughout the school year, biology students will complete several scientific investigation cycles where they will collect information, design, conduct, and form conclusions using their own experimental designs.  Not only will they work on investigations in the classroom, but many students will be completing additional projects to take to science fair later this year.  Stay tuned for more information regarding individual projects and important dates to check out student project presentations!