Sophomore Students Prepare for PLAN

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In an effort to better prepare our students for the PLAN, sophomore counselors and teachers organized and prepared lessons for a restructured school day focusing on the skills, testing strategies, and understandings required to be successful on the PLAN.  The day kicked off with all of our sophomore students meeting in the cafeteria where they examined their own GPAs, attendance records, and previous test scores.  The students, with guidance from staff, took time to go through their data, understand it within the context of college applications, and set goals for their next PLAN test.

These morning activities set purpose for the rest of the day.  Students were placed in classes with peers that had similar testing results.  With this set up, teachers could tailor each class activity specifically to meet all of our students’ needs.   Students went to each subject in turn: Math, Reading, English, and Science, where teachers had a lesson designed to help and grow each group in the way they needed.  In addition to their academic classes, students had a period designated to team building with their classmates where they were presented with a challenge and had to solve it working collaboratively.  All in all it was a wonderful day for Clemente students and staff alike!  Bring on the PLAN!