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stunning-sophomores-6On November 22, Roberto Clemente Community Academy sophomore students celebrated the first quarter with an awards ceremony. Sophomores were released from their 4th period classes and spent 5th period celebrating their peers’ successes from the first quarter of the school year. Awards were given out for four different categories: attendance, high honor roll, honor roll, and a raffle students entered when they came to pick up their report cards on Report Card Pick-Up day. Students with 95% attendance won awards. In order to be on the honor roll, students needed to have ended the quarter with only As and Bs on their report card.  To be on the high honor roll, students needed to have straight As at the end of the quarter.

Students enthusiastically cheered for each other when their names were called. Each student was given a certificate with their name on it and what they were rewarded for. In total, there were about 75 awards given. There were about 40 awards for attendance, about 30 honor roll awards, and five awards given for high honor roll. Students who attended the quarter 1 Report Card Pick-Up day were entered into a raffle where they had a chance to win target gift cards and Wildcat keys.  At the end of the assembly, students Cyera Davis and Courtnee Crawford capped off the celebration by singing for their classmates.  The sophomore awards ceremony was a success, as was the first quarter!   


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