World Hunger

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World Hunger

By Kayla Vaughn


Around the world the painful growls awaken children and adults struggle from day to day not knowing when or where their next meal will come from. They savor whatever they can get their hands on, hoping that one day it’ll all be over. Then there are people in this world who take advantage of these resources such as water and food. Things that we see as simple, like a can of soup, could make another person’s  day.  We tend to get so caught up in our everyday routines that we forget to value the simple things in life. What may seem like not much may mean the world to someone who needs it the most.

One like myself may ask, “Why does world hunger even exist?”  There are a few causes of hunger around the world.  Different causes of world hunger include natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts and many more. Overpopulation, war, and poverty are also causes of world hunger.

There are things that we can do as a society to try to make this situation better. One thing we can do is communicate with our community ideas on how to spread the word.  Another way we can help includes organizing a food drive.  At my school, Roberto Clemente Community Academy, we are organizing a food drive.  We are asking all freshman students to bring in cans or dry food that is not being used or that their family is willing to donate.

In our biology class we have been studying world hunger, watching videos and reading articles about this issue. We also have had discussions and completed worksheets and homework on world hunger. We also brainstormed ideas of what we can do to help this issue. That is where one of the students mentioned doing a food drive at our school, so a few students including myself have been working on organizing a food drive.

The reason that I personally got involved in working to put together a food drive was because of the feeling I got watching other people in the videos that Mr.Holmes showed in class suffer over not having necessities like food, water, and things that are essential for survival.  This experience gave me the passion to want to try to help them out. The more that I have heard and seen about this issue, the more I come to appreciate what I have.  This for me just feels like the right thing to do after watching all of these videos and seeing what these human being are going through.

In conclusion, around the world hunger strikes in the bellies of many, world hunger results from war, poverty, overpopulation, and natural disasters. We need to work together as a whole and work toward bettering this situation. You can help spread the word and donate canned food to help those in need.